Saturday, March 26, 2011

26/3 Gathering @ Senjyu, Curve

Finally we met out !!! x)
Gathering with my childhood friends, its like 2yrs din't meet out with them, so happy and exciting~!!
We had so much fun in The Curve~ Especially Senjyu!! Foods there were so nice (but EXPENSIVE)! Wish I've extra money to go there for another time T.T

Its my first time dine in Senjyu ^v^

With my little childhood friends (oops.. not little friends anymore)

Ika Karaage

Chicken Teriyaki Jyu

Sushi to Mini Udon Zen

Salmon Mango Hanamaki

Fruity Maki

Soft Shell Crab Mentai Maki

Unagi Mentai Maki

❤Matcha Ice-cream

Happy Ending ^^Y

~~~Who wants to go with me next time ? xD~~~