Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Opera @ Empire Mall, Subang

Yo~~ went to the Opera @ Empire Mall with WenQian which the place I mentioned before there sells some layer cakes right? review back HERE :D
and yeah.. try out their layer cake of course~ and WenQian ordered red velvet cake..

sorry for my ugly edited photos:[ so not in the mood to edit.. feels like to sleep every minute when I open my eyes only (ignore the macaroon its not the main character today) haha..

this is the original flavour layer cake they have, its actually vanilla (the original flavour in melacca one is lemon cheese! super LOVE that one!!!!!) I was expect some special flavour but so disappointed they dont have any.. if I'm not mistaken they served two flavours of layer cakes only (I've forgot what's the other flavour please forgive me!!!) if compare this one with the one in melacca I think the melacca one would be better since they have so many flavours for you to choose!! *drool*

this original a.k.a vanilla flavour is super sticky inside.. I dunno how to describe the feelings of sticky>< but after ate half of it you'll start feeling geli it feels like the vanilla all stuck in your mouth.... or i dunno maybe its my problem only:[ but I do love the skin it has!! you can see from this photo, they baked it moderately or can say a lil bit overbaked and it feels good when you bitten! but sorry I really cannot tahan the sticky feeling>.< or maybe I should share it with my friend and not having it alone next time..

this is how the red velvet looks like:] its in red colour and the toppings was white chocolate❤❤ I never had red velvet cakes before so dunno how it is consider a good one... but WenQian and I think this one taste a lil bit dry inside (sorry I'm not good in describing) but you'll have no more this feeling if you eat it together with the white chocolate on the top:]
after all this is not giving too much satisfaction for me as I cant really figure out what taste it is... okay, maybe I'm used to some strong taste foods ady thats why I cant get this taste:[

huhuu~~ next stop will be POCO homemade!! stay tuned yaa~❤❤❤

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Outfits~!!! yeah

oh my gosh~ din post for almost 2months.... kinda miss the blog.. but lazy... HA~
hello~ anyone still reading my blog? thanks supporting ya~ =]

gonna post bout my new outfits here, hehe..
bought one top from nichii, I was attracted when I first saw it... although I have not much money to spend dy but yet wan to have it in my closet.. :p

and this one was bought for the PD3 classes, coz the lecturer said we need to be in formal when she see us.... lol..
and guess what, I dropped the subject and will probably not wearing it this sem... =.=

I wish to buy more~~!! view lots of nice clothes on fb but i can't try them..... sad till max!!! why I dun have those model kind of body, so I can buy any clothes without trying... T.T
haiz.. regret for this life.... guess I'll train my child's body when I have one... put my hope on them huh.. :p