Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Outfits~!!! yeah

oh my gosh~ din post for almost 2months.... kinda miss the blog.. but lazy... HA~
hello~ anyone still reading my blog? thanks supporting ya~ =]

gonna post bout my new outfits here, hehe..
bought one top from nichii, I was attracted when I first saw it... although I have not much money to spend dy but yet wan to have it in my closet.. :p

and this one was bought for the PD3 classes, coz the lecturer said we need to be in formal when she see us.... lol..
and guess what, I dropped the subject and will probably not wearing it this sem... =.=

I wish to buy more~~!! view lots of nice clothes on fb but i can't try them..... sad till max!!! why I dun have those model kind of body, so I can buy any clothes without trying... T.T
haiz.. regret for this life.... guess I'll train my child's body when I have one... put my hope on them huh.. :p


feeling my world said...

haha...siao za bo~
i like the 1st 1~
and u bought the white 1...ahahaha~

lee shi ai said...

nice!!i like both^^

Anonymous said...

Hello. Can i have those online boutiques website? :D
great outfit btw~