Thursday, May 12, 2011

MinYee back from Singapore!

ooh yeah~~~!! finish my assignment for this week~~!!!!
muahahahahaha~!! xD
finally I can update my blog... its been one week din update dy~ sad die T.T

had dinner with MinYee again~~ this time went with Dearest Fang and WenQian also~~~❤❤
we date on monday and I told them my class finish at 6pm, omg! I wasn't realise it was finish at 4pm.. lol.... hahaha
when I realise, I desperately call to MinYee to confirm what time they meet up.. and luckily they meet up at 4pm~~ pheww...
MinYee said she'll go fetch Fang at LRT station at 4pm, so I ask her to fetch me before go to LRT coz I dowan to wait alone at pyramid>.<
and when we reach to the station, Fang is LATE AGAIN~~!!!!!
she was just to buy LRT ticket at that time! and she said she'll reach half hour later~!! OMG..
such unpunctual! and she asked MinYee to wait for her at the station.... pity MinYee.. nvm, I'll scold her if she dare to come late next time~ :p

the moment waiting for dinner time, we pass by ChatTime and I just can't control myself to buy one~ haha~
I had a new flavour❤Uji Matcha Milk Tea❤
and ordered a❤Honey Lemon Aloe❤for MinYee
always order that one I've tried before for her :p coz I worry if I ordered the not nice one.. haha
the Uji Matcha that is real nice~~❤❤❤ I've no idea it is mix with red bean when I order, but this one matcha+redbean drinks is nicer than the matcha+redbean smoothie that I had before~~ the smoothie one is too icy.. and I just dun like the red bean mix in it.. but when it mix in this Uji Matcha Milk Tea, I'M LOVIN IT~~!!

and we hang to gardens for dinner~^^ their service is good and their foods are not too expensive compare to their competitor FULL HOUSE!!

and.. we start camwhoring everywhere in there, since they have furnished with such a good environment ^^
left--right❤Fang posing sexy, Me and mash potato, MinYee and black pepper chicken, WenQian posing with cupboard❤

Fang & WenQian sit at the left side, MinYee and I sit at the right side

the lovely piano~~!! and I've asked the permission from the waiter to photoshot with the piano^^
nice pretending playing piano (actually none of us know how to play it :p)
OOPS!! only me dunno how to play, paiseh paiseh.. :p

not miss out the small garden decoration at the front door~!! hahaha.. beh paiseh ar~

huhuu.... byebye gardens.. byeye MinYee... she gonna fly back to Singapore for events again T.T

phew.... spend so much time on editing those photos..
and look at the time now! its already 3am~!!!! OMG! tml have early morning class... dun be late again>.<
huhuu.. go to sleep luu~ tata~ ^^


min yee said...

lol..i and fang noe how to play piano de lorr... >.<
next time snowflake arr... =D ❤❤❤

JayyiShirley said...

haha~ i tot none of you know? :p
yea~ u've tried snowflake before? I❤IT!!!!

xiao WINTER melon said...

i want chattime lahh...xD FRIDAY again!! <3 <3 ahahaha...

Carol said...

lol yeah i remember min yee know piano very well... and you said none of yours know how to play piano, i tot i salah... hahaha ^^ min yee in SG for study??

fong said...

i juz wanna say..
me n min yee know how to play piano larr~~
n i wan pao bing!! grrrRR~~~~ ><

Anonymous said...

sok fo wen qian

JayyiShirley said...

oh~ sorry.. my fault.. paiseh >.<
melon, sure~~❤❤
carol, yaa she study there ^^
fong, i like snowflake than paobing better~~ :p

Anonymous said...

guess who am i :D

JayyiShirley said...