Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carnival Day @ Taman Botani, Putrajaya

❤lalala~~ carnival day!!! ^^
this one was held by Kurnia Company @ taman botani..
and mummy brought us there to have a look~ ;p

phew.. so tired now...
lets the photos tell story~ ^^

mummy's friends @ Kurnia.. they're cute and funny.. =)

one of the funny games: riding on a cow~~ and when you ride on it, the cow keep swinging up and down and purposely make you to fall..
those people were so brave!! I saw a kid riding it too!!! wow~

and I saw a cutie kid playing snake games.. she is a pretty girl~~

actually daddy was meant to shoot us with the cow, obviously this has failed, cant tell what was that behind us...
hahaha.... nex time let me shoot for you bah :p

before we leave the carnival, me and my sis saw people making tattoo(fake one)~~
so we go and make one on our face, hahaha...
we have same butterfly but on different side of our face❤❤❤

yuhooo~~ time to sleep~~
havent start study for final >.< OMG! not enough time to study!!!!
hope I wont fail in my final exam =(

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michelle said...

i wan play snake game ! :)