Monday, June 20, 2011


this will be a really long post!!
Phew~~ finally finish the exams, although I'll fail some of the subject, but who cares! all I want now is RELAX~!!
after suffered two weeks or more for the exams, I'm now looks like a ghost.. two eye circles and many pimples on my face~~~!!!! OMG my face condition is very bad now.. dun look at me~!!

sorry for my ugly display :p the pink jacket accompany me with all my exam, the exam hall was really cold.. like a fridge..
do I looks like someone who's going to picnic? xD


rmb last time I post one about the pirates for the contest, but I din manage to win the prizes... =( those bloggers are too strong~!! I think my post maybe the last among them.. T.T I wan the prizes~~ my O.P.I nail color arrrrr~~~~~~~~~
ater few days I post, I saw a pirate ship furnishing in midvalley~ hehe.. although I havent watch the show but I was so excited! like I want to look around in the ship.. haha~


and the other day, i went gardens with michelle~~ we went to grab some sushies at sushi zanmai (queued for almost half an hour) nyom nyom nyom... tasty sushi~~~

those are all what we ordered~~ love "chuka chinmi" the most~!!

and we've tried our very first time "gong cha"~~ it was so nice!! this was the "signature green tea with milk" I still remember the milky feel on my tongue~~! :p
u should go and try if you love milk~~ (although I dun like milk, but I still love it^^❤❤)


and few days before may end, I went to May's birthday party at her house~ (it was also before my finals, I wan to cry for my final T.T) but it was a warm party.. =)
its too much photo they took in the party, can't manage to post them all, so I only post up those group photos.. ^^
Miss May with her little family (she is the only child in her family) those kids are her nieces, mimi very cute right?❤❤ (the girl her mom holding) =D

and we had a pray session after we sang her the birthday song (she's a christian)

the VU gang (and two monashian xp) !!

and also meet with her lovely 'jie mui'❤❤, which I think is the most happy thing ^^

❤me, angela, hweeshan and hueyyea❤

they are early leave monashians jersieu and nicole, I like this effect, looks so warm and sweet❤❤

phew.. finally finish uploading all these events... there still have a lot photos I havent edit.. =( but its time to go bed ler.. update again tml.. tata.. ^^

Sunday, June 12, 2011

StressStress ~.~

I give up dy~~ I dowan any test anymore~~~~ can please release me? T.T
everytime when I stare on the notes, I feels fear.. have a sound in my mind telling me that I can't manage to finish study all these.. and I start feeling useless, feeling I'll fail either of these subject, I DOWAN STRESS IN THIS WAY~!!!!!!!!!

like I'm doing something doesn't suits for me, like I'm studying not for my life, this is always not my choice...
I love to sing... I've my dream on the shining stage before, as a singer, but after few times I tried and I failed, I start to give up.. and now end up in this stressing life..
business degree, is this what I want at the beginning? when I make my choice of study this degree, I told myself: musical is such a hard way to live, I can't beat down all those people who born with beautiful voice.. so it will end up I've nothing in my life..
now when I change my way to live, but what filling in my heart is music... I need someone to support me under the stage, I dowan to stuck in this 'nothing about myself'' life anymore!!! I can't even imagine the life of sitting in the office for 5days a week!! what a boring life~
even though I hate this kind of life, but I still need to face the fact: I can't live in the music life without money!! it is not easy to live for music, so at least, I get a better job with this degree and earn myself some 'music funds'... work hard towards my music life~!!!!! =)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


1st day of my final exam!! RIP

have been busy study for these exams last week, and will be so for next 2weeks.. guess i can only post blog after these few weeks ler.. sob sob T.T
1 down 3 more to go!!! study study.. get back to study..
wait for my new post ya ;p