Friday, April 29, 2011

“I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!”

Ahoy peeps~~!! Pirates of the Caribbean is back~~!!
Thx to Walt Disney Pictures!
this time, captain Jack Sparrow will crosses paths with a woman from his past. guess what, maybe he's in love~!! ❤❤❤

Pirates of the Caribbean 4
Pirates of the Caribbean officially launch on 19th of May

I think the best thing of being a pirate is to be surrounded by all the pretty girls~~
imagine if I'm a usual guy being surrounded by pretty girls, that will be my honour~!! but for captain Jack Sparrow, he is just so cool and charming~!! maybe he'll just treat it as nothing lar..

the second coolest thing may be the adventures~!! I love adventures~~ but I din get a chance to try some adventure thingy, like bungee jump, surfing and etc.. who wants to go with me? haha~
I think being a pirate may have different kind of adventure right? like hiding from the enemy in the jungle, being chased by the zombie, or in love with the mermaid~~❤❤ its like playing treasure hunt everyday~!! >v<

and also being a pirate, I can do this 'ROAR'!!
I can roaring to my crew: ' where are my lovely grog?!!' ' the scurvy scoundrel stole my favourite pirate hat, I'm going to make him walk the plank!!'
something like this.. hahaha~~ I can roar well after practice few times xD guess I was born to be the pirates~!!

watch the movie's trailer here~

stay tuned for the movie~~ ^^

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Assignments Sucks!!

Soooooo lazy to do my assignments... =(

yup~~ I'm that kind of person who likes to do last minutes work.. that's just me~!! :p
now searching for the jounal articles, and I found I dun understand any of the terms.. (actually I havent even start reading the title of the assignment.. lol!)

and blah blah blah.. can I have another cup of Chat Time please? totally in love with it~~ :p
today went pyramid and grab one pearl milk tea❤❤
yummy pearl milk tea!!
this is totally yummy than the green-tea-smoothie that I had last time~~ theehee :)

love this song sooooo much recently~❤ Freya---重伤
although she's not very famous in Malaysia, but her voice is really nice~~ can you listen from her song? ^^

another recommend song also by her---这样爱你好可怕

hmmm.... anyway, should get back to my searching.. =(
OMG!!!! its so hard to find the article~~ T.T kill me please! (bang my head to wall)
why every articles that the database shows me aren't related to what I'm looking for.. is it my problem? or the database just sucks? idk how..... to finish my assignments like this...
database, can you please, please please please listen to my heart.. listen to what I'm actually looking for.. x(

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today's Flavour

Juz to pass by and say HI~!! hi, peeps~ ^^

Today's Chat Time Flavour❤
Japanese Matcha Red Bean Smoothie

I'm not a big fans of matcha and for me it is quite bitter.. emm... not really like the taste... but I think for those who likes matcha/green tea flavour thingy, you'll probably like this~ ^^
aww~!! should've try the pearl milk tea >x<

Today's Cakes Flavour❤
Original Flavour Mille Crepe

Yay!! finally my friend came back from Malacca and bought me this~~❤ My favourite flavour of mille crepe~!! another MUST try flavour which is Gula Melaka.. emm.. or Melaka (emm.. something like that) :p
This one was bought from a cake house in Malacca named Nadeje, where it doesn't have any branch in KL. But I've tried another similar one in PJ namely Food Foundry (not bad also but only have original, chocolate and strawberry flavour), for those who dun have chance to get to Malacca, you should try this~^^
and I've heard another one in Subang Empire Mall, Opera, but never get the chance to try it out... =( sob sob.. should go and try it next time~

Today's Chocolates Flavour❤
Bulk of Chocolates

Bought by mummy and papa when they went to travel last week >v< (from airport I assume)
❤Kisses Dark Choc❤
❤Toblerone Dark Choc❤
❤Choc with wine filling inside❤

Today's Mood Flavour❤
lastly, give you my sweet smile~~ x) hope you all like it❤

Nail Arts ------- # Simple Dotted/Blue

Today, I'm gonna show you how I did my simple dotted nails~~
Its really easy~!! ^^

You'll need to prepare:
1. Nail Polish Remover, in most of the case u'll need it..❤
I'm using this dunno-what-brand, but I bought it from Sinma for RM8++ and I think this is quite useful and easy for remove the nail colour~

2. Nail Enamel Solvent, if you use the nail colour for too long time, you'll found it become sticky like your glue :p so u drop few drops into the bottle to dissolve it..❤

3. Cotton and cotton buds, to apply the nail remover..❤

4. a sharp-head hair pins (later you'll know how I use this~) ❤

5. Top/Base Coat, to protect your nail..❤

6. Blue colour polish ❤

7. White colour polish ❤

And now we start~ ^^
apply the base coat to protect your nail.

apply the blue colour polish as base colour (if you dun like blue, try green red purple or magenta)

put some white colour polish on a piece of paper and use the sharp-head hair pins to dip some and do dot dot on the blue~ (dun use round-head pins, it'll make your dots very BIG)

and tadaa!! DONE!!

and I did it also for my toes~~~ I'm going to wear flip flop to coll tomolo to show off my new nail colours!! :p

theehee~ wish you all like it~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dinner after exams

guess guess~~ where we went for our dinner after the wholly crapz exam?

Yeah~!! finish the exams!!!!!! *phew* please let me pass with flying result.. please>.<

We have planned this dinner since long long long (really long) time ago.. haha~
that was last week we planned it, and we were looking forward to it everyday every moment more than we looking forward to pass the exams~ make me feels like it were really long time ago.. :p

so finally, here we are~ The Dragon-I !!!
we were hungry like in hell when we enter into the restaurant (coz we were too stress for test and forgot our lunch, lol~~), but we spent like half-an-hour to decide what to eat, coz each one also looks yummy and we juz want to have all!! xD

and see~ these two fella still playing games while we scratching head dunno what to eat!!

and May likes to take ugly picta of everyone, so she can be the pretty one~ hahaha:D kiddin
but ish!! I looks damn ugly in this picta~~!!

but we din take too much picta after our foods been served, guess our hands, mouth, eyes all concentrate on the food in front and forget about the camera~ xD
but I did took some picta using May's camera~ ^^ the picta took by me, they were awesome!!! claps for myself~ *clap clap*

All about the foods: photogragh by me using May's camera x)

❤Ramen with Beijing Sauce❤

❤Ramen with Fried Pork Chop❤

❤Ramen with Taiwan Chicken Chop❤


❤Green Onion Pancake❤

❤Shanghai Dumplings❤ --- the famous one!!!

there was another Sechuan Ramen with Fried Pork Chop which is the most delicious among these, but I think I was too busy trying it and forget to took the picta T^T how stupid~!

after dinner, we spent some time on windows shopping, and we found this *ching ching*, the NEW open CHAT TIME in pyramid~!!!
usually I dun drink bubble tea, coz they're juz too sweet for me but I decide to have my first try on Chat Time and I loved it~~!!

Flavour of my day ------ ❤Honey Lemon Aloe❤ RM5.90

the ordinary honey lemon that we can get is usually too sweet, or too sour, coz the producer juz cant adjust well the sweet and sour level of honey and lemon. but this one is very very 'zheng' honey lemon!!! >v< love till the max!!!!!
idk how to explain my satisfaction level on this cup of honey lemon, all I can say is I'll surely go for another cup of it nex time~~!!! or I'll maybe try on other flavour since they have so many flavours~~❤❤❤❤❤ to access to Chat Time's menu

Chat Time: the original flavour of Taiwan bubble tea!! it is a well-known brand of drinks from taiwan since 2003, now their branches are available in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Macau, Hong Kong, China, and even America~!! Which America is a western country but they also demand for bubble tea invented from Asia~!!

Now it also have branches in Australia, dun worry May, u can still drink this in Aussie~ ^^

the best left for the last~ love this picta soooooo much~!! muacks❤❤

Nice time flies~~ wait u all back from Aussie yaa~ x)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TO sleep, or NOT TO sleep?

Purposely turn on comp to write this post..
ARGH!!! what am I doing ?!!
was suppose to sleep before 12am!! i've promised angela!!

actually i was fell asleep before 12am, but NO!! KENOT!! coz i havent finish study for tomolo test.. T.T
so i force myself to wake up from sleeping and keep studying, but then after i finish my study, i cant fall asleep anymore! idk why..
my brain keep processing something: should i post a blog later? should i sleep now or cont study for another test? should i......... this is what people call 犯贱 !
why dont it stop thinking anything right now, please juz let me sleep!! i left 5hours for sleeping only... summore tomolo need to fetch sis to coll in early morning, mummy faster come back la~~ i kenot tahan anymore~ T.T

will have a more heavier 'panda look' again tomolo.. T.T i DOWAN it lar~~~~~~~~~

hais.. rather talking crapz here, why dont i juz try to sleep? ISH!!
goodnight ba.. by 犯贱的女人

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hsueh Chuen's birthday party

WOW~ Hsueh Chuen purposely come back from Aussie for her 21st birthday party!! rich girl nia~~
and all of us (vu gang and monashian) been invited to her birthday party, appreciate yaa~ ^^

I was arrive at around 9pm (phew, luckily my friend guide me the way, google maps USELESS!!).
hmm.. there were really a lot of people in the BIG house!! seems all her relatives and neighbours have been invited too~~~ (i think they gonna sit on floor if that was party held in my small house xD)

after having some drinks, we desire to look around in her house, but she was so busy serving the others, so lets juz walk around in there by our own~

Sweet couple and the small lake in the garden

Two cutie child (her little brother and cousin sistaa), din get to take photo with them>.<

Xiwee and Yenti with the big crystal light on the ceiling

Pretties and handsomes sat on the comfortable sofa

haha~ guess what were we peeking? all of us so 38 surround in front of the room

are we peeking at her cat?

are we peeking at timothy playing guitar?

or we are peeking at the sexy and the cutie?

hahahaha~~ all wrong!! we are looking at melacca's prince being tortured by rawang boy~ xD

There is our melacca's prince, tungzhi and ricky welcoming for the prince~ xD

I think they're cute~~ both have big head with small body~ xD

Yenti, me, Xiaoqian, Xiwee and Eelynn

One of the group photo

Finally Hsueh Chuen made time to join our photo session =)

The vu machines gang finally arrive at 11pm, lol... late comers~

The auntie and uncle having HOWT dance!!

'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Hsueh Chuen, Happy Birthday to you~' And we sang oso mandarin and cantonese version.. lol... hahaha~

Sweet family~

And a wonderful birthday party comes to an end~ ^^

Photograph by Sleep on Table
Edited by Jayyi Shirley

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sushi King RM2 Promotion!!

Actually I was not interested in this promotion, since last time I went to Sushi King RM2 promotion and I found their foods are not really tasty (coz Sushi Zanmai is my FAVOURITE!!).
But since my cousin sistaa looks so hunger for it so I decide to accompany her lo...
We asked around all our friends to juz borrow a member card so we can enjoy the discount, and finally one of her friends can lend us the card.
So, we head to her friend's house to get the card and when we reach to Sushi King, we see a LONG LONG queue there outside the Sushi King!! hmm.. seems everyone are so cravings for the discount..

LONG LONG queue~!!

We ate quite many plates of sushi within the time limit set by them (45mins), which I think u all should be familiar with those sushi so I save the picture space lar~ hehe~~

Their cups are quite cute right? x)

After paying for the bill, we found we can't merely move, its juz too much food inside our stomach~!!
So we walked around in the mall, and guess what I found?
Japanese FOOD FAIR~~!! Food again... lol~~
Thinking of getting some snacks for mummy and baba to eat when on the plane~~ They're going to travel AGAIN without me!!! =(
But at the end I only have enough money to buy one pack of biscuit for them T.T

Bought black sesame biscuit, hope they'll like it~

Hope they enjoy their journey very well~ ohh!! and also the biscuit~~ x)