Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dinner after exams

guess guess~~ where we went for our dinner after the wholly crapz exam?

Yeah~!! finish the exams!!!!!! *phew* please let me pass with flying result.. please>.<

We have planned this dinner since long long long (really long) time ago.. haha~
that was last week we planned it, and we were looking forward to it everyday every moment more than we looking forward to pass the exams~ make me feels like it were really long time ago.. :p

so finally, here we are~ The Dragon-I !!!
we were hungry like in hell when we enter into the restaurant (coz we were too stress for test and forgot our lunch, lol~~), but we spent like half-an-hour to decide what to eat, coz each one also looks yummy and we juz want to have all!! xD

and see~ these two fella still playing games while we scratching head dunno what to eat!!

and May likes to take ugly picta of everyone, so she can be the pretty one~ hahaha:D kiddin
but ish!! I looks damn ugly in this picta~~!!

but we din take too much picta after our foods been served, guess our hands, mouth, eyes all concentrate on the food in front and forget about the camera~ xD
but I did took some picta using May's camera~ ^^ the picta took by me, they were awesome!!! claps for myself~ *clap clap*

All about the foods: photogragh by me using May's camera x)

❤Ramen with Beijing Sauce❤

❤Ramen with Fried Pork Chop❤

❤Ramen with Taiwan Chicken Chop❤


❤Green Onion Pancake❤

❤Shanghai Dumplings❤ --- the famous one!!!

there was another Sechuan Ramen with Fried Pork Chop which is the most delicious among these, but I think I was too busy trying it and forget to took the picta T^T how stupid~!

after dinner, we spent some time on windows shopping, and we found this *ching ching*, the NEW open CHAT TIME in pyramid~!!!
usually I dun drink bubble tea, coz they're juz too sweet for me but I decide to have my first try on Chat Time and I loved it~~!!

Flavour of my day ------ ❤Honey Lemon Aloe❤ RM5.90

the ordinary honey lemon that we can get is usually too sweet, or too sour, coz the producer juz cant adjust well the sweet and sour level of honey and lemon. but this one is very very 'zheng' honey lemon!!! >v< love till the max!!!!!
idk how to explain my satisfaction level on this cup of honey lemon, all I can say is I'll surely go for another cup of it nex time~~!!! or I'll maybe try on other flavour since they have so many flavours~~❤❤❤❤❤ to access to Chat Time's menu

Chat Time: the original flavour of Taiwan bubble tea!! it is a well-known brand of drinks from taiwan since 2003, now their branches are available in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Macau, Hong Kong, China, and even America~!! Which America is a western country but they also demand for bubble tea invented from Asia~!!

Now it also have branches in Australia, dun worry May, u can still drink this in Aussie~ ^^

the best left for the last~ love this picta soooooo much~!! muacks❤❤

Nice time flies~~ wait u all back from Aussie yaa~ x)


shiai said...

aiya..go to shanghai and have one~hehe~

JayyiShirley said...

haha~ no need ler.. now we can have it in malaysia too~!! how nice~ :D