Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today's Flavour

Juz to pass by and say HI~!! hi, peeps~ ^^

Today's Chat Time Flavour❤
Japanese Matcha Red Bean Smoothie

I'm not a big fans of matcha and for me it is quite bitter.. emm... not really like the taste... but I think for those who likes matcha/green tea flavour thingy, you'll probably like this~ ^^
aww~!! should've try the pearl milk tea >x<

Today's Cakes Flavour❤
Original Flavour Mille Crepe

Yay!! finally my friend came back from Malacca and bought me this~~❤ My favourite flavour of mille crepe~!! another MUST try flavour which is Gula Melaka.. emm.. or Melaka (emm.. something like that) :p
This one was bought from a cake house in Malacca named Nadeje, where it doesn't have any branch in KL. But I've tried another similar one in PJ namely Food Foundry (not bad also but only have original, chocolate and strawberry flavour), for those who dun have chance to get to Malacca, you should try this~^^
and I've heard another one in Subang Empire Mall, Opera, but never get the chance to try it out... =( sob sob.. should go and try it next time~

Today's Chocolates Flavour❤
Bulk of Chocolates

Bought by mummy and papa when they went to travel last week >v< (from airport I assume)
❤Kisses Dark Choc❤
❤Toblerone Dark Choc❤
❤Choc with wine filling inside❤

Today's Mood Flavour❤
lastly, give you my sweet smile~~ x) hope you all like it❤

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