Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Opera @ Empire Mall, Subang

Yo~~ went to the Opera @ Empire Mall with WenQian which the place I mentioned before there sells some layer cakes right? review back HERE :D
and yeah.. try out their layer cake of course~ and WenQian ordered red velvet cake..

sorry for my ugly edited photos:[ so not in the mood to edit.. feels like to sleep every minute when I open my eyes only (ignore the macaroon its not the main character today) haha..

this is the original flavour layer cake they have, its actually vanilla (the original flavour in melacca one is lemon cheese! super LOVE that one!!!!!) I was expect some special flavour but so disappointed they dont have any.. if I'm not mistaken they served two flavours of layer cakes only (I've forgot what's the other flavour please forgive me!!!) if compare this one with the one in melacca I think the melacca one would be better since they have so many flavours for you to choose!! *drool*

this original a.k.a vanilla flavour is super sticky inside.. I dunno how to describe the feelings of sticky>< but after ate half of it you'll start feeling geli it feels like the vanilla all stuck in your mouth.... or i dunno maybe its my problem only:[ but I do love the skin it has!! you can see from this photo, they baked it moderately or can say a lil bit overbaked and it feels good when you bitten! but sorry I really cannot tahan the sticky feeling>.< or maybe I should share it with my friend and not having it alone next time..

this is how the red velvet looks like:] its in red colour and the toppings was white chocolate❤❤ I never had red velvet cakes before so dunno how it is consider a good one... but WenQian and I think this one taste a lil bit dry inside (sorry I'm not good in describing) but you'll have no more this feeling if you eat it together with the white chocolate on the top:]
after all this is not giving too much satisfaction for me as I cant really figure out what taste it is... okay, maybe I'm used to some strong taste foods ady thats why I cant get this taste:[

huhuu~~ next stop will be POCO homemade!! stay tuned yaa~❤❤❤

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Outfits~!!! yeah

oh my gosh~ din post for almost 2months.... kinda miss the blog.. but lazy... HA~
hello~ anyone still reading my blog? thanks supporting ya~ =]

gonna post bout my new outfits here, hehe..
bought one top from nichii, I was attracted when I first saw it... although I have not much money to spend dy but yet wan to have it in my closet.. :p

and this one was bought for the PD3 classes, coz the lecturer said we need to be in formal when she see us.... lol..
and guess what, I dropped the subject and will probably not wearing it this sem... =.=

I wish to buy more~~!! view lots of nice clothes on fb but i can't try them..... sad till max!!! why I dun have those model kind of body, so I can buy any clothes without trying... T.T
haiz.. regret for this life.... guess I'll train my child's body when I have one... put my hope on them huh.. :p

Monday, June 20, 2011


this will be a really long post!!
Phew~~ finally finish the exams, although I'll fail some of the subject, but who cares! all I want now is RELAX~!!
after suffered two weeks or more for the exams, I'm now looks like a ghost.. two eye circles and many pimples on my face~~~!!!! OMG my face condition is very bad now.. dun look at me~!!

sorry for my ugly display :p the pink jacket accompany me with all my exam, the exam hall was really cold.. like a fridge..
do I looks like someone who's going to picnic? xD


rmb last time I post one about the pirates for the contest, but I din manage to win the prizes... =( those bloggers are too strong~!! I think my post maybe the last among them.. T.T I wan the prizes~~ my O.P.I nail color arrrrr~~~~~~~~~
ater few days I post, I saw a pirate ship furnishing in midvalley~ hehe.. although I havent watch the show but I was so excited! like I want to look around in the ship.. haha~


and the other day, i went gardens with michelle~~ we went to grab some sushies at sushi zanmai (queued for almost half an hour) nyom nyom nyom... tasty sushi~~~

those are all what we ordered~~ love "chuka chinmi" the most~!!

and we've tried our very first time "gong cha"~~ it was so nice!! this was the "signature green tea with milk" I still remember the milky feel on my tongue~~! :p
u should go and try if you love milk~~ (although I dun like milk, but I still love it^^❤❤)


and few days before may end, I went to May's birthday party at her house~ (it was also before my finals, I wan to cry for my final T.T) but it was a warm party.. =)
its too much photo they took in the party, can't manage to post them all, so I only post up those group photos.. ^^
Miss May with her little family (she is the only child in her family) those kids are her nieces, mimi very cute right?❤❤ (the girl her mom holding) =D

and we had a pray session after we sang her the birthday song (she's a christian)

the VU gang (and two monashian xp) !!

and also meet with her lovely 'jie mui'❤❤, which I think is the most happy thing ^^

❤me, angela, hweeshan and hueyyea❤

they are early leave monashians jersieu and nicole, I like this effect, looks so warm and sweet❤❤

phew.. finally finish uploading all these events... there still have a lot photos I havent edit.. =( but its time to go bed ler.. update again tml.. tata.. ^^

Sunday, June 12, 2011

StressStress ~.~

I give up dy~~ I dowan any test anymore~~~~ can please release me? T.T
everytime when I stare on the notes, I feels fear.. have a sound in my mind telling me that I can't manage to finish study all these.. and I start feeling useless, feeling I'll fail either of these subject, I DOWAN STRESS IN THIS WAY~!!!!!!!!!

like I'm doing something doesn't suits for me, like I'm studying not for my life, this is always not my choice...
I love to sing... I've my dream on the shining stage before, as a singer, but after few times I tried and I failed, I start to give up.. and now end up in this stressing life..
business degree, is this what I want at the beginning? when I make my choice of study this degree, I told myself: musical is such a hard way to live, I can't beat down all those people who born with beautiful voice.. so it will end up I've nothing in my life..
now when I change my way to live, but what filling in my heart is music... I need someone to support me under the stage, I dowan to stuck in this 'nothing about myself'' life anymore!!! I can't even imagine the life of sitting in the office for 5days a week!! what a boring life~
even though I hate this kind of life, but I still need to face the fact: I can't live in the music life without money!! it is not easy to live for music, so at least, I get a better job with this degree and earn myself some 'music funds'... work hard towards my music life~!!!!! =)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


1st day of my final exam!! RIP

have been busy study for these exams last week, and will be so for next 2weeks.. guess i can only post blog after these few weeks ler.. sob sob T.T
1 down 3 more to go!!! study study.. get back to study..
wait for my new post ya ;p

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

心中的... 遗憾.

想写中文,这样才能让我表达自己的情绪.. 毕竟我是一个从小受中文教育长大的小孩.. =)




很感谢身边的朋友不断给我鼓励,你们真的太好了!! 没有了你们我该怎么活啊~~



Thursday, May 26, 2011

PeiWei's early Birthday Celebration

should have start study for test now.... finals coming.. T.T
hmm.. nvm.. still have time.. lets blog 1st~~ =)

two pretty girl that I've dated❤yanbei&peiwei❤so happy met with them

last sunday went out with yanbei and peiwei, to celebrate peiwei birthday.. actually was the early celebration for her birthday~
after two and a half years we graduated from high school, she still keep her 'good name' of "miss mo" very well~~~ means doing things very slow.. hahaha...
that day she told us that she almost done preparing and going to start her car dy, but after one hour.... she still saying the same sentence and havent started the car.... I was like 'lol, I almost reach dy lo' hahaha...

we meet at kepong jusco, dunno why yanbei chose this place.. its like nothing to eat and shop around here.. =(
hmm... at the end we went to grab some food in kenny rogers (if I not mistaken) and some cakes in secret recipe.. aiks.. not enough time for us to get her present~ sorry :p

ordered three pieces of cakes, since we cant finish one whole cake also..

these photos are abit blur.. but nvm I loved it~!!❤❤ photos with our cakes~~
me, peiwei & yanbei

lastly, photo of three of us!! hehe love this picta so much~~!!❤❤❤

huhu... finish post~~~ guess its time for me to go back study~~ tata~ ^^

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carnival Day @ Taman Botani, Putrajaya

❤lalala~~ carnival day!!! ^^
this one was held by Kurnia Company @ taman botani..
and mummy brought us there to have a look~ ;p

phew.. so tired now...
lets the photos tell story~ ^^

mummy's friends @ Kurnia.. they're cute and funny.. =)

one of the funny games: riding on a cow~~ and when you ride on it, the cow keep swinging up and down and purposely make you to fall..
those people were so brave!! I saw a kid riding it too!!! wow~

and I saw a cutie kid playing snake games.. she is a pretty girl~~

actually daddy was meant to shoot us with the cow, obviously this has failed, cant tell what was that behind us...
hahaha.... nex time let me shoot for you bah :p

before we leave the carnival, me and my sis saw people making tattoo(fake one)~~
so we go and make one on our face, hahaha...
we have same butterfly but on different side of our face❤❤❤

yuhooo~~ time to sleep~~
havent start study for final >.< OMG! not enough time to study!!!!
hope I wont fail in my final exam =(

Saturday, May 21, 2011


OMG... finally finish with my assignments and exams this week~~~
I LOVE FRIDAY!! coz I can go grab nice food in pasar malam, and also friday is my only holiday in a week! coz when it comes to saturday and sunday, I maybe need to prepare for exams and assignment for next week again... Works never END!!!!!!!! >.< pity me!
actually my eyes is half close now with my brain loading very slow, can merely fall asleep in anytime.. :p

yay.. relieve from the assignments stress finally!! I wan CHAT TIME so badly~!! for compensate myself the whole week of hardworking... but din get to have it... =(
haiz... this few cups was had in last week... but not so nice also >x< taste weird...

din take much photo this week coz busy doing assignment.. sad =(
lastly are photos with one dress I tried... and I only TRY it but din get to BUY it~~!!!! argh!! T.T sad till the MAX!! anyway I maybe not wearing it to coll also even if I buy it.. not my dress style.. :p
quite love it but thought of my style den....... hmmm...... lets forget about it..
nvm, I'll buy something to compensate myself soon :pp

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


suffering assignments weeks T.T
guess I can't enter any blogs in this week dy.. sad......

wait for my new post next week ya~~❤

Thursday, May 12, 2011

MinYee back from Singapore!

ooh yeah~~~!! finish my assignment for this week~~!!!!
muahahahahaha~!! xD
finally I can update my blog... its been one week din update dy~ sad die T.T

had dinner with MinYee again~~ this time went with Dearest Fang and WenQian also~~~❤❤
we date on monday and I told them my class finish at 6pm, omg! I wasn't realise it was finish at 4pm.. lol.... hahaha
when I realise, I desperately call to MinYee to confirm what time they meet up.. and luckily they meet up at 4pm~~ pheww...
MinYee said she'll go fetch Fang at LRT station at 4pm, so I ask her to fetch me before go to LRT coz I dowan to wait alone at pyramid>.<
and when we reach to the station, Fang is LATE AGAIN~~!!!!!
she was just to buy LRT ticket at that time! and she said she'll reach half hour later~!! OMG..
such unpunctual! and she asked MinYee to wait for her at the station.... pity MinYee.. nvm, I'll scold her if she dare to come late next time~ :p

the moment waiting for dinner time, we pass by ChatTime and I just can't control myself to buy one~ haha~
I had a new flavour❤Uji Matcha Milk Tea❤
and ordered a❤Honey Lemon Aloe❤for MinYee
always order that one I've tried before for her :p coz I worry if I ordered the not nice one.. haha
the Uji Matcha that is real nice~~❤❤❤ I've no idea it is mix with red bean when I order, but this one matcha+redbean drinks is nicer than the matcha+redbean smoothie that I had before~~ the smoothie one is too icy.. and I just dun like the red bean mix in it.. but when it mix in this Uji Matcha Milk Tea, I'M LOVIN IT~~!!

and we hang to gardens for dinner~^^ their service is good and their foods are not too expensive compare to their competitor FULL HOUSE!!

and.. we start camwhoring everywhere in there, since they have furnished with such a good environment ^^
left--right❤Fang posing sexy, Me and mash potato, MinYee and black pepper chicken, WenQian posing with cupboard❤

Fang & WenQian sit at the left side, MinYee and I sit at the right side

the lovely piano~~!! and I've asked the permission from the waiter to photoshot with the piano^^
nice pretending playing piano (actually none of us know how to play it :p)
OOPS!! only me dunno how to play, paiseh paiseh.. :p

not miss out the small garden decoration at the front door~!! hahaha.. beh paiseh ar~

huhuu.... byebye gardens.. byeye MinYee... she gonna fly back to Singapore for events again T.T

phew.... spend so much time on editing those photos..
and look at the time now! its already 3am~!!!! OMG! tml have early morning class... dun be late again>.<
huhuu.. go to sleep luu~ tata~ ^^

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day @ Hokkaido Ichiban

you must be curious.. didn't I told you that we're going to have dinner at 蓬莱茶房? how come change the plan to Japanese cuisine dy?

haiz...... the long story.... or.... should say the long queue of 蓬莱茶房 just scared us away~~ the waiter said we need to wait for at least 20mins for seating... lol =.=
I thought only our family used to have dinner at 9pm... haha~ now only I realise many people used to have dinner at 9pm oso.... lol...
and it looks crowded in the restaurant too (maybe becoz every seats near to each other>.<), so I asked mummy if she likes Japanese foods, and she said: I'm okay with any foods, but Japanese foods not very expensive meh?
so I expect she likes Japanese foods also, and thus we change our plan to Hokkaido Ichiban~ ^^


wonder why I crapz so long... lets enter the main point~ ^^

mine❤unatama don
the unagi not very nice actually, it have some thorn inside.. err i mean fishbone... errrr.... aiya... in short it makes my tongue painful>.<
my friend recommended the RM30 unagi don and said it is really nice, but since I've not much money so I ordered the unatama don and think they should be nice also (same unagi also maaaaaa) haiz... 1st regret T.T

mummy and brother share❤mini udon to chicken katsu don gozen
this small little gozen takes me Rm36 T.T but nvm, mummy likes it~❤
I've tried the chicken katsu, hmm... how to say... it is not what I expected... maybe becoz the oily feels of the chicken or what.. I dunno...
but mummy likes the chawanmushi, she said it is really soft and smooth~~^^

❤salmon salada maki❤
this is the best food I had today^^ the salmon fit just nice with the vege, and dip with sauce...... FYI!! nice~~!!

❤spider maki❤
my lovely soft shell crab~~!!!!!

lovely mummy~~ din get to take photos with her since that is fine dining restaurant, dun dare to do such things in there>.< sad max~!!!

outfit of the day~ this is one of my❤favourite❤outfit recently~ :p

hmm... want to know my feedback on the foods of the restaurant?
first, the foods was so so.. guess it is not better than Senjyu I went last time, but it is much expensive than that...
second, it doesn't serve much choices of sushi, I mean the special design sushi not the usual toro or salmon sushi... >.<
third, and this is the worst!!!! all the server grown their eyes on top of their head!!!!!!!!!! I feels like they treat us as air~!!! we asked for bill for like 3times? or 5times? I dont rmb, but after they came and we asked for bill, they just walked away and didn't sent anything~!!!! they did this like 3times you know~!! I've talked to 3 different server and they still sending nothing!!!!! holy crapz~~!!!
dun expect my next presence in this restaurant~ >x<

although the restaurant was not under my expectation.. but still, my lovely mom is happy~~
I'm not the kind of people can easily tell love from my mouth, but I Love You, Mummy~!!!

Mother's Day (preface)

well... today is mother's day...
happy mother's day to my dearest mummy❤❤
plan to bring her out for dinner later~ hehe^^

initially I was plan to buy her the Thompson Liverine (dunno whether it help for Hepatitis B)
but since it requires to take 3tablets per day, I was thinking: who can rmb exactly to take the capsule three times everyday?? O.O honestly I cant make it... haha... maybe I'll force myself to take the capsule in the first two three days, but after a week.............. I think I'll lost it in elsewhere, haha~

to be reality, feed mummy with some nice food is the 2nd best choice~~

dinner time: 8pm

lucky restaurant: 蓬莱茶房 (heard the foods there very nice)

hehe.. I'll post all the photos once I back from there~~ x)


share my lovely❤❤Chat Time to you while waiting for the dinner~~❤❤
have been cravings for it these days~~~
Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk
the taste was not bad, but the grass jelly was too much!! and I ordered the LARGE one~!!! OMG! dunno why I did that.. dont dare to order the large size anymore >x<
my stomach filled with grass jelly after drinking quarter of it!!! awwwwwwww~~ regret of ordering the large one~!!

Strawberry Smoothie
this one was the best strawberry smoothie I ever had~!!
some strawberry pieces added in the mixing, and also some small ices that din't blended into smoothie~~ every taste filled with smoothie+ices+strawberry pieces!!!
love it sooooooooo much~~!!! MUST TRY (try another flavour if you dont like strawberry^^)

and this was thePearl Milk Tea❤ I ordered for MinYee~~
have fun outing with her but sooooooooo regret din get to take photos with her due to my laziness and tiredness after exam >.< feels so regret now~!!!!! how stupid am I~!!!
MUST go out with her again on monday~!!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

My First Earning from Nuffnang~!!

I cant take this anymore~~!!!!!!!!!! >.<
it was like I din blog for half year.. feel so sorry for the blog....

everytime when I login to my blog, the first thing that I usually do is to check the nuffnang, to see whether I've earned any coins ^^
and guess what.. I've my first RM0.80 today when I login~!!!!
although it is just some coins, but it means alot to me~!! so happy to have it, thx to Nuffnang~!! thx to everyone whoever clicked the ads too~~ ^^
I was too excited and thought it was a dream or maybe the system error (coz my cousin sista get less than me even though she blogs earlier than me>.<) and I tried login and logout for many times to confirm it xD
like an idiot~ hahahahaha

hahaha~ now just wait for it to increase~ >v<
hmm.... talking abt 'I cant take this anymore', it actually remind me of a games machine that I played in Genting.
it have a soft plate stick on the machine for players to punch on it and to flip it, and the game was like a story..

you may choose a character that you prefer, and the story start with the character having stressing life, what you need to do is to punch the plate on the machine, and it reflects the character in the story punch the table.. but beware!! you can only punch it when the other characters not looking at you.. and at the end of the game, you need to flip the plate upside down using all your force, and the character in the story will keep yelling 'I can't take this anymore!!!!!!'

ewww... my expression skill is bad, sorry if I not describe well about the game.. hehe..
you may get a chance to try it out when you feel boring at Genting, or you may come with me next time~ ^^

guess this is the most interesting game I can found among all and you can earn tickets faster than the others, I exchanged JAY head figure with all those tickets that I've earned~~
❤八度空间 JAY ❤ will collect all 5 soon~~~

tried roasted milk tea for compensate my hard work these days~~
its time to go back study again~~ tata^^