Friday, April 15, 2011

Hsueh Chuen's birthday party

WOW~ Hsueh Chuen purposely come back from Aussie for her 21st birthday party!! rich girl nia~~
and all of us (vu gang and monashian) been invited to her birthday party, appreciate yaa~ ^^

I was arrive at around 9pm (phew, luckily my friend guide me the way, google maps USELESS!!).
hmm.. there were really a lot of people in the BIG house!! seems all her relatives and neighbours have been invited too~~~ (i think they gonna sit on floor if that was party held in my small house xD)

after having some drinks, we desire to look around in her house, but she was so busy serving the others, so lets juz walk around in there by our own~

Sweet couple and the small lake in the garden

Two cutie child (her little brother and cousin sistaa), din get to take photo with them>.<

Xiwee and Yenti with the big crystal light on the ceiling

Pretties and handsomes sat on the comfortable sofa

haha~ guess what were we peeking? all of us so 38 surround in front of the room

are we peeking at her cat?

are we peeking at timothy playing guitar?

or we are peeking at the sexy and the cutie?

hahahaha~~ all wrong!! we are looking at melacca's prince being tortured by rawang boy~ xD

There is our melacca's prince, tungzhi and ricky welcoming for the prince~ xD

I think they're cute~~ both have big head with small body~ xD

Yenti, me, Xiaoqian, Xiwee and Eelynn

One of the group photo

Finally Hsueh Chuen made time to join our photo session =)

The vu machines gang finally arrive at 11pm, lol... late comers~

The auntie and uncle having HOWT dance!!

'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Hsueh Chuen, Happy Birthday to you~' And we sang oso mandarin and cantonese version.. lol... hahaha~

Sweet family~

And a wonderful birthday party comes to an end~ ^^

Photograph by Sleep on Table
Edited by Jayyi Shirley


Kathleen_YinLing said...

第一張照片的男生很眼熟 :/
我忘了是誰 XD

JayyiShirley said...

His name is Timothy, Yap Yi Bin.
Good eyes~ he studied in Chong Hwa before, but left after form3 ^^

Anonymous said...

超帥的! 好歡樂的party唷<3


yeah yeah (L)

JayyiShirley said...

你以为我不想!! 我老爸不让啦>.<
不如你来跟他讲~~ x)

CV said...

Just saw this.. Timothy must be so happy :D