Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nail Arts ------- # Simple Dotted/Blue

Today, I'm gonna show you how I did my simple dotted nails~~
Its really easy~!! ^^

You'll need to prepare:
1. Nail Polish Remover, in most of the case u'll need it..❤
I'm using this dunno-what-brand, but I bought it from Sinma for RM8++ and I think this is quite useful and easy for remove the nail colour~

2. Nail Enamel Solvent, if you use the nail colour for too long time, you'll found it become sticky like your glue :p so u drop few drops into the bottle to dissolve it..❤

3. Cotton and cotton buds, to apply the nail remover..❤

4. a sharp-head hair pins (later you'll know how I use this~) ❤

5. Top/Base Coat, to protect your nail..❤

6. Blue colour polish ❤

7. White colour polish ❤

And now we start~ ^^
apply the base coat to protect your nail.

apply the blue colour polish as base colour (if you dun like blue, try green red purple or magenta)

put some white colour polish on a piece of paper and use the sharp-head hair pins to dip some and do dot dot on the blue~ (dun use round-head pins, it'll make your dots very BIG)

and tadaa!! DONE!!

and I did it also for my toes~~~ I'm going to wear flip flop to coll tomolo to show off my new nail colours!! :p

theehee~ wish you all like it~


Anonymous said...

like like like like like ~!!!!!!


JayyiShirley said...

yeah~~~ you'll start loving nail arts~ xD
and btw, go try 'chat time'~!!!! its a famous bubble tea brand in taiwan~ superly nice~~!!!